Complete All Activity Stations     
            To Receive Your
    Super Hero Certification!

Sponsorship Opportunity

Greetings potential sponsors! We are excited to offer you and your business the chance to gain maximum exposure at our largest indoor children's event- The 3rd Annual "Superheroes Assemble" At Chase Park, on May 19th. This enormously popular event hosted over 500 child superhero participants and their parents on its inaugural run in 2017. Last year we broke records, selling over 125 tickets upon the first weekend of sales. We are on par to meet this year's goal of hosting 800 families, extending our reach to five more schools in the area.
Our child superheroes range in age from 2 to 12 years old. We invite these super-kids to explore their imagination, be active and have a blast as they complete all activities listed in their superhero passport to gain their superhero certification. This event is a smash hit and has become a beloved feature in the Chase Park program catalog. We are looking for relevant, kid friendly, local sponsors to be a part of the fun and join our super community. Space is limited so please respond soon. A sponsorship with the Chase Park Advisory Council is tax deductible as we are a verified 501C(3).