Registration Includes:

   - Instant Entry to the Chicago Park Superhero's guild, your

     origin story & secret super power are announced to the world



   - Official Superhero passport: when marked with the mighty badge

      of justice, it will allow you to advance from station to  station 


   - Your own action Photo shot taken from the pages of 'the park Daily

      planet' newspaper... proof that your super hero legend is real! 


   - priceless works of arts & crafts- highly sought after by the cities

     villain squad, after their latest heist at the Park museum was a bust


   - Official Superhero Certificate that shows the world you have

      completed the necessary training to defend the virtues of good


   - The chance to form important hero alliances & super friendships to

      ensure that the forces of good, fun & imagination remain Triumphant!



'Super heroes Assemble' is an open house

event, registered heroes can drop in anytime between the following time slots


Early Time Slot : 1oam- 12pm

Later Time Slot : 1pm- 3pm

Tickets are $10 + processing fee per superhero & $3 for parents with processing fee. Charge will read ' (NFP)' ... A printable ticket will be emailed to you. Please bring it with you or show on your cell phone at the door.

"Why Do Parents Have To Pay?" Due to the popularity of this event & the limited space we have to accommodate our child superheroes we have a ticket fee for our parents in attendance. Thanks for contributing to Chase Park !